Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy


Foot/Detox Massage

Have you shopped ’til you dropped?

Why not bring a friend and have a soothing foot energiser. Just imagine slipping your feet into a wonderful warm spa for a while then receiving a deeply penetrating massage to finish.

Chair massage

Chair Massage

A deeply penetrating massage of back, neck and shoulders for stress and tension. This is a short sharp session. The chair is portable and is a must for those who sit at a desk all day. Also available Crystal enhanced massage. Visits are available either in your home or at your workplace.

Auraveda Foot Massage


Modern reflexology focuses on massaging reflex points on the soles and tops of the feet.

Baby massage

Baby Massage Classes

  • Helps to connect your baby with you
  • Alleviates collick, trapped wind, and constipation
  • Eases pain of teething
  • Alleviates post natal depression through positive interaction with baby
  • Develops baby’s sense of touch and being loved
  • Strengthens baby’s digestive and respiratory systems
  • Improves quality of sleep and skin condition.
  • Helps you to understand baby’s non verbal communication
  • Alleviates post natal depression
  • Awonderful relaxing time together
  • Promotes lactation and stimulate soxytocin hormone

Our baby massage classes are ideal for babies with special needs.

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