Independent Celebrancy


Independent Celebrancy

For Weddings...

Non Traditional Weddings
Religious Ceremony
Jumping the Broom
The Loving Cup
Unity Candle

All ways and Forever

Commitment Ceremonys
Civil Partnership
Beach Ceremony
Vow Renewal

For Funerals...

Part Religious

Green Funerals
Natural Burials
Scattering of Ashes
Burial of Ashes

Druid Funerals
Pagan Rites
Infant Loss
Unexpected Loss

For Every Occasion..

Choosing an Independent Celebrant enables you to create a bespoke and personal ceremony befitting your faith or social background. I will create an event that is uniquely yours and will give the utmost respect to the beliefs and values you cherish, and help you ensure that they are reflected in the words, readings, rituals and music you choose for your family ceremony.

My services are considerably more personal and memorable than those permitted by the church or registration office. It may be a traditional English ceremony or include modern extras. The ceremonies created can be formal or informal, religious or non-religious, but should reflect your wishes and dreams.

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