About Healing


The aura is cleansed and re-energised through a healing process known as esoteric healing and crystals can also be used.

What is esoteric healing?

Healing means to make whole on every layer of the energy field connected to the body by helping to contact your higher purpose or true self and bring it into harmony with your everyday life. Over many years of scientific attitude this has proved to be a very effective method of treatment. An esoteric healer learns to sensitise their hands to attune to and scan the Aura. Any imbalance and disharmony can be restored by holding an area in need, this lets the person's subtle energies and soul life flow through to restore balance. The healer does not have to touch the person at all.

Does esoteric healing work for everyone? Many find that an inner change occurs which helps to make their problems more easily bearable. It has been found to help many types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Whilst some people experience a complete remission of symptoms others experience various degrees of help.

What is crystal healing?

The energy field connected to the body in several layers can also be rebalanced with the use of beautiful crystals and minerals. This is done fully clothed placing chosen crystals on and around the body which are then energised for you to receive their wonderful colours and energies.

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