About Ayurveda

This science of life sees everything including human beings as composed of five basic elements; space, air, fire, water and earth. These in turn give rise to three bio-physical forces Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata people

Vata is air and space. These type of people tend to be thin, boney and have fine and dry skin, their hands and feet can be cold, they can have a variable appetite, crave salty, sweet and sour food, prefer warm or hot drinks, can be creative, active, alert and restless. Does this sound like you?

Pitta people

Pitta is fire and water. These type of people have a moderate physique with a muscular body, they have soft lustrous and warm skin, have a strong metabolism with a good appetite and digestion. They can consume large quantities of food and water with a liking for bitter, sweet and astringent foods and cooling drinks. They are determined, focussed, ambitious and intelligent. Could this be you?

Kapha people

Kapha is earth and water. These type of people have well developed bodies with broad shoulders and long limbs. They have soft, oil and lustrous skin with a light complexion. They have a regular appetite with a relatively slow digestion and have a liking for astringent and bitter foods and prefer warm drinks. Kapha people are patient, caring, stable and supportive.

Does this feel like you?

Or do you think that you are some or all of these?


With the combination of these bio-physical forces (these are known as doshas) the body can become imbalanced and so needs rebalancing and Ayurveda does this through diet and herbal food supplements, your lifestyle, massage treatments, yoga and meditation.

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